Weekly Magazine THE STAR

TERM The 173rd term 



Ms. Ji-yun Lee


Sungshin Women’s Univ.

The 174th Term Vice-President



Good afternoon, PTCians! I am Ji-yun Lee, the vice-president of the 174th term. Thanks to all of you for coming here today and voting for me as the vice-president. It is a great honor for me to be in charge of leading Seoul Pine Tree Club. I will do my best for this club at summer in the way you want me to do. As the vice-president, I will keep my promises with the President, Mr. Jun-yeong Lee, the General Affairs Chief, Mr. Hwa-hyun Kim, and staff members. As mentioned in the campaign speech, we will make this summer term interesting, useful, and full of communication.


First of all, to make our club in this way, I would be your counselor. I believe that the most important role of the vice-president is listening to members’ opinions. I promise you to approach everyone first, including newcomers, to make this club more comfortable. As a counselor, I will always keep close to you and listen to your words about everything, not just PTC. Please feel free to contact me anytime, anywhere.


Second, I would try to actively reflect opinions of regular members and staff members. For regular members, a set of channels for easier interactions will be set shortly. Through an open chat in Kakaotalk, all members will be able to express their opinions, and even suggest good ideas for sessions directly. For staff members, staff meetings will be held regularly to be ready to accept these ideas. Since there are many big events such as Spring MT, Summer Camp, and Speech Contest, your ideas and thoughts are highly needed.


Finally, I would make this club much more entertaining. Through diverse social gatherings outside other than regular meetings, I am eager to help all members to make good relationships with each other. Also, I believe these extracurricular gatherings will result in a much higher participation rate of regular members!


Last but not least, I want to express gratitude to Mr. Wan-ki Min, Ms. Da-hee Kim, Mr. Su-yong Kim, and the 173rd term staff members for their countless contribution. We will make a lot of efforts to follow in your footsteps to make this term better. And earnestly, all of the 174th term staff members, regular members, and senior members, we ask for your continuous support and participation! We cannot make any successful results without you.


Summer has come, and it is time to enjoy this season here in Seoul Pine Tree Club with nice and ambitious members! Thank you again for supporting and congratulating us! Thank you for your attention, and let us have fun today!